Drone Emoji

ŠOP Records, 2018


Drone Emoji_album cover

At first glance, a short, 15-minute album, เป็นฟอนต์ที่ได้, made from recycled sounds, full of kitchy references and readymades seems like an unimportant endeavour. A product made at home on a personal computer out of boredom, or is there something more to it, something relevant? Drone emoji belongs to the vaporwave genre, which is the first musical genre that millennials developed on the Internet. The art form draws on electronic sounds and analogue nostalgia, sampling tracks by chopped and screwed techniques and other effects in order to express an ambiguous or satirical take on pop culture.
Drone emoji features tracks that bring these elements of vaporwave together, upgrading the genre in an new way. The readymade materials are no longer electronic sounds, though they represent an important musical texture of the music. The combinations of trash sounds and sophisticated sound dialectics take center stage. Despite its shortness, the album offers fluctuation with some exceptional and original sounding music and other less original pieces, yet typical of vaporwave. Overall, however, the album experiments within this compositional technique, continuing in the vein of the new established scene of the lo-fi field with references to past musical styles and a zest of nostalgia, specific to musicians such as Ariel Pink or John Maus.