Leon Matek – Srce imaš tako veliko (Your Heart Is So Big)

Self-release, 2018


Leon Matek

After a seven-year hiatus, singer-songwriter Leon Matek, whose career now spans nearly three decades, reintroduced himself with his third acoustic album Srce imaš tako veliko/You Heart Is So Big, consisting of thirteen self-penned songs.
Although the subject of love, loss and intimacy represents the driving force behind Leon’s songwriting, he certainly does not shy away from articulating the hardships of this day and age. Songs with socially engaged content, thus represent nearly half of his new opus.
Musically and thematically Leon Matek’s new album does not stray from his previous works. Recorded with his eight-member accompanying band, it is a heartfelt reminder of all the fortunes and misfortunes our life paths are made of and which chiseled and carved also the songwriter’s latest work.