Mrfy – Story

SonicTribe / ZKP RTV Slovenia, 2018


Mrfy_album cover

By promoting Mrfy, the newly established music agency SonicTribe, which covers a cross section of commercial as well as marginal music projects, proved that it seriously means business. Also, Mrfy knows very well what it offers: an authentic experience of rock and roll.
The band's singer Gregor Štrasbergar, who authored the lyrics, makes room for the layering and developing of the vocals, whilst guitarist Tomaž Zupančič changes the mood of songs by alternating between string instruments and keyboards. There are stark contrasts between music textures consisting of a base line and the minimalist drumming on the one hand and bustling cacophonic peaks, infused with vocal eruptions on the other.
Innovative musical interpretations reflect the proficiency of these rock musicians. In places the music recalls the guitar sound of Coldplay and then again reflects the influences of heavy metal. The album thus features a hardened sharp sound one is used to hearing at live performances, despite certain more acoustic and peaceful excursions (Heaven&Hell and Recall).
According to the band\'s frontman "a story" is also an important component of Mrfy. Thus the album's title Story alludes to social media sites, mainly Instagram, on which the band members communicate with their followers by posting comical stories. However, the balance to this generic self- promotion, so characteristic of the present time, is found in their songs, which try to avoid, so it seems, the excesses of the popular music culture and its hits.