Samo Šalamon & Freequestra - Free Sessions Vol. 2

Klopotec, 2019


Samo Šalamon Freequestra

Klopotec, 2019

Samo Šalamon & Freequestra - Free Sessions, Vol. 2

A three-year-old recording of an 11-piece band called Freequestra, recently released for Klopotec record label, is a new Samo Šalomon’s project. On this particular album the prolific jazz guitarist took a role of a conductor, whilst leaving a vital collection of musicians from a domestic jazz improvisation scene fairly open handed regarding their contribution and input.
Šalamon does not choose his fellow musicians by chance, just as he does not leave music to a sheer coincidence. His music is usually written for a particular ensemble or a line-up but offers a pretty loose framework for the development of improvisation.
Freequestra completely departs from phrasing and commonalities. Despite apparent guidelines, which the ensemble has obviously found, it remains committed to free form and is heavily inclined towards the collective research of sound.
This project deserves a special place in Šalamon’s opus, as he rarely undertakes such orchestral ventures. His idiosyncratic collection of finest musicians from different ends of this widespread music scene also earns kudos.