Self-release/Štrigon Records

Maia Juvanc

Heavenly undoing cassette cover

Umdhlebi is a mythic tree, which is first mentioned in the 19th Century. It is believed that the extremely poisonous tree, which was capable of moving as well, originates in South Africa. Umdhlebi is also a musical project of the central underground figure Luka Bevk. The project has anarchistic conotations, which intertwine with the realm of the magical and existential. The sound material on three cassettes Nebeško uničenje/Heavenly undoing, Istra Nokturna and Umdhlebi-Praznina/Umdhlebi-Emptiness split tape, directly address the fate of the planet, human beings and the like. All three products feature uncomlicated and elementary instrumental music textures made up of heavily distorted guitar sounds combined with terrain recordings.
On the projects' website we read: "Umdhlebi is an aural embodiment of hatred toward civilization and our culture. Praising the industrial collapse and end of civilised man. Umdhlebi supports violence toward all forms of authority, because the terrorist of today are the heroes of tomorrow. Noise is protest not art!"

Umdlhelbi: Istra Nocturno

Istra nokturna

Umdhlebi: Praznina