YGT - Sinking Ship

Youngbloods/King Deluxe , 2019



Youngbloods/King Deluxe, 2019

YGT - Sinking Ship

If Your Gay Thoughts or YGT debut album was perceived as a junction of at times incompatible, unconventional musical expressions, then their second album Sinking Ship, released for the Canadian record label King Deluxe, proves that in music a coincidence is rarity. The only thing that counts is a clear sound and a clear picture.
With complex ease Your Gay Thoughts allows the listener to find a sound-lyrical clearing, where every consecutive listening reveals a new polygon of aural and visible perception.
Even if their vision of the civilizational and individual precipice at times feels as inevitable, there is also a certain softness and warmth offering a multitude of different paths of destiny which are not necessarily fatal. But if you have already walking on one of these roads without looking back, then the album Sinking Ship is a great companion that will lead you into a quiet harbor.