Help us map the EU digital market

There’s more music being distributed than ever before – an estimated 60,000 songs and growing are uploaded to streaming services daily. Who are our EU digital distributors, who are they owned by, what deals do they go through to distribute to the platforms, and what ISRCs are actually being used properly?


The Digital Path to Market

The Digital Path to Market” it’s a mapping and capacity building project promoted by AMAEI within MusicAIRE program, co-funded by the European Union under the 2020 Annual work programme for the implementation of the “Preparatory Action – Music Moves Europe: Boosting European music diversity and talent”. Overall, the project aims at being a fundamental information gathering and knowledge-spreading initiative within the  European digital music ecosystem, providing cornerstone building blocks of key knowledge so as to take the European independent music sector forward in the years to come, with a better approach to metadata, ISRC usage, and other essential  best practices without which a just and resilient recovery  will remain elusive and out of reach to many creators. 

The only way to achieve transparency in this maelstrom is to start out by mapping the European digital ecosystem: who are our EU digital distributors, who are they owned by, what deals do they go through to distribute to the  platforms, and what ISRCs are actually being used properly.  The second part of the solution is to build the capacity of the European Independent recorded sector via European webinars available to the entire sector via IMPALA’s network of Trade Associations.

Please help us on our EU music ecosystem mapping. You will need just a few minutes to answer to our questionnaire. In the first quarter of 2023 we will publish the report and study with relevant information to support you on this topic. 

Link to the questionnaire: https://amaei.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3BKifCc3pPMdxbg
This is a brief questionnaire that will take no longer that 10 minutes to answer.

By participating, you will:

– Minimize the knowledge gap about how independent European music is getting distributed and the overall levels of satisfaction with the distributors;
– Assist the team programming a series of access-free capacity-building webinars to help EU labels and artists increase their knowledge on the best digital practices.
– Greatly contribute to the independent music ecosystem by sharing your knowledge on just and efficient music distributors that are European based.

We will launch The Digital Path to Market Webinars  in December 2022. The participation is free and you will have the opportunity to meet experts from the digital music market, discuss relevant topics and learn.

See you then!