Klasika Slovenia: Orchestral Works Vol. 2

The compilation offers recordings of historically significant musical works by Slovene composers who lived and created between and after the two world wars and drew from new idioms of the international scene.


Klasika Slovenia: Orchestral works Vol. 2

Various artists

Klasika Slovenia: Orchestral works Vol. 2

ZKP - RTV Slovenia, SIGIC

The selected works, some of which have now been published for the first time, offer insight beyond the “standard” classical repertoire in the search for new aesthetic starting points of the 20th century. The double album reveals a common thread from the late-romantic period to modernism and flirtations with postmodernism. The carefully selected compositions, created between 1927 and 1992, represent tectonic movements in musical aesthetics, which opened new chapters in the field of Slovenian classical music. The double album thus illuminates the development of key musical personalities who, with their creativity, responded to the awakening of Slovenian political autonomy and the diversity of modern compositional techniques emerging in Europe.

According to musicologist Dr. Gregor Pompe, the double CD features important turning points, symphonic surpluses, composed by Marij Kogoj, Demetrij Žebre, Slavko Osterc, Lojze Lebič, Primož Ramovš, Jakob Jež, Uroš Rojko and Vinko Globokar, and performed by the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra and the RTV Ljubljana Chamber Orchestra.

The compilation presents performances by conductors Uroš Lajovic, En Shao, Anton Nanut, Stanislav Macura, Samo Hubad, Lior Shambadal, Marko Letonja and Vinko Globokar, as well as soloists Marjana Lipovšek and Vladimir Horvat.

In the introductory lines of the accompanying essay Gregor Pompe explains: "The compositions included in this double album serve to complement the selection of works featured in Klasika Slovenia: Orchestral works Vol. I. If the first part foregrounded prominent compositions forming part of the “standard” Slovenian symphonic repertoire, that is to say, compositions of established popularity that tend to be given precedence in programmes and whose generally conventional musical language renders them highly accessible, then the sequel features works that broke with tradition and established new paradigms."

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