Listen To Slovenia: Pocket Music Guide

The revamped publication “Listen To Slovenia” gives an overview of the entire Slovenian musical space in English.


Listen To Slovenia
Photo: front cover (Eda Pavletič)

SIGIC – The Slovene Music Information Centre presents a pocket music guide to Slovenian music titled Listen To Slovenia: Pocket Music Guide. This is an overhauled and updated version of the Centre’s highly successful 2013 publication. It’s condensed and communicative style allows us to effortlessly learn more about Slovenian musicians and music across the genres, ranging from older to contemporary classical music, jazz, rock, pop, Oberkrainer and ethno music, all the way to heavy metal, experimental music, and electronic dance music. In addition to presenting musical creativity, this music guide also contains a great deal of data, descriptions, and contact information of the most important musical institutions, while referring the reader to the Internet portal Music Slovenia for further research, because the two tools for learning about the diversity of the Slovenian music scene are complementary. As a resource for promoting Slovenian music abroad intended for the widest international interested public, the guide is printed in English.

Its short and concise essays on individual music scenes were contributed by notable Slovenian music journalists and experts Primož Trdan, Gregor Pompe, Tanja Benedik, Mario Batelić, Luka Zagoričnik, Katarina Juvančič, Aleksi Jercog, Boris Selko, Jaša Lorenčič, Ivan Cepanec, Andraž Kajzer, and Borja Močnik.

As editor, Viktor Škedelj Renčelj wrote in the introduction: “It is an undeniable fact that, despite its proverbially small geographic area and small population, Slovenia can offer the world a great deal that is interesting and outstanding in the field of music as its many music scenes are currently experiencing a genuine blossoming. Meanwhile, more and more Slovenian musicians are increasingly consciously gazing across national borders and directly participating in international musical currents. This is no doubt the result of the collapse of the former common Yugoslav cultural sphere and market, which has forced Slovenian musicians to redefine how they work and communicate with their potential public. A positive result of all of these turbulent events are the lively, varied, sometimes rather elusive, but always intriguing musical activities in Slovenia.

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