Slovenia is tuning into the world

Slovenian Music Information Center - SIGIC is proud to present a new compilation CD Tuning into the World: Slovenia.


Tuning into the world

Slovenian Music Information Center - SIGIC is proud to present a new compilation CD Tuning into the World: Slovenia. The curators of this compilation tried to capture exciting fragments of musical creativity of the homegrown talent and showcased some of the most prominent and most interesting performers, composers and arrangers from the world music genre, whose work had a significant influence on the Slovenian music scene between 2015 and 2017.

The committee members used their expertise and knowledge of this genre (and other related ones) to make  a selection of songs recorded during the past three years; many of them have not been previously released. Members of the committee were: music publisher and researcher Katarina Juvančič, researcher and lecturer at the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Miha Kozorog, and a long-time collaborator of Druga godba festival, Rok Košir.

The selection criteria were primarily based on the relevance and quality of the submitted work; therefore the selected compositions reflect an  array of musical styles and sentiments or as Katarina Juvančič wrote in her opening remarks:

“This particular compilation presents and celebrates fresh and exciting chapters of tuning in and with world music (spot the word play!), conceived in the last few years. However, not all of the otherwise significant or up-and-coming protagonists on the scene could be rightfully acknowledged. Yet some of them have  have recently spurred an interest among the local and international public alike, whether for their interesting collaborations.”

Tuning Into the World provides a perfect opportunity to lend an ear to the musical gems created by musicians or bands such as: Magnifico, Rudi Bučar & Marko Črnčec (Churnchetz), Katalena, Katja Šulc, Goran Bojčevski Quartet, Zamee, Vlado Kreslin, Vasko Atanasovski fest. Jehan Barbur, Darla Smoking, Janez Dovč, Klarisa Jovanović & Della Segodba, Mateja Gorjup, Drajnarjuva vampa, Bakalina, Silvana Paletti and Širom.

“Like seeds, the indigenous music of the world provides a precious storehouse, a sort of ‘gene bank’ of creative ingenuity and variety of artistic expression, while at the same time carrying the potential of new life, which springs up when the conditions are just right. Music that draws from the rich vault of native traditions while being embedded in the popular musical idioms of the 20th and 21st centuries is made up of such fertilized seeds, telling centuries-old tales of loss, resistance, revival and change. Many of these can be found growing and prospering in this soil. We have collected some of the most interesting varieties for this occasion. “

Tuning Into the World has been showcased at the largest high profile event on the global world music scene – Womex 2017 – in Katowice, Poland.

You are cordially invited to tune into the world(s) this compilation reveals. We wish you an abundance of musical pleasures!

Tuning into the world: Slovenia (PDF)