Silent Thought: Musical Poetry of Srečko Kosovel

Matita, 2018


In Silent Thought, the singer-songwriter and puppeteer Nika Solce once again found inspiration in the poetry of Srečko Kosovel (1904-1926). This time she handpicked poems from his impressionist period, in which he embodied his experience and perception of nature.
The vocals of Nika Solce play the central role on the album, however allowing musical arrangements to weave a rich web of sounds around it.
The gentle vibration of words that echo through the often repetitive musical elements softly addresses the listener and raises awareness of one’s own existence. It is only in losing oneself in the world of resonating sounds that the message of the album is revealed.
Solce’s musician collaborators (Boris Magdalenc – hang, Igor Bezget – guitar, Zoran Majstorović – oud, saz, mandolin, Rok Koritnik – Irish flute, kalimba, bansuri flute, Tina Sovič – African gourd, djembe, Sašo Piskar – double bass, Žiga Šercer – percussion, Martin Neaga – cello) played a major role on this journey, allowing music to be born from and fade into silence.