Here’s the full conference programme for MENT 2024

For MENT 10th anniversary, the conference is hosting over 120 speakers, 33 panels (interviews, roundtables, presentations and workshops), 7 MENTorships and 6 speed networking sessions.


MENT 2024

For 10th anniversary, the MENT conference is hosting over 120 speakers, 33 panels (interviews, roundtables, presentations and workshops), 7 MENTorships and 6 speed networking sessions. 

Conference schedule

Conference programme


Among this year’s highlights, you will find interviews with Keith Miller, founder of London's Wide Awake festival and the Bad Vibrations collective; Shawn Reynaldo, one of the most influential writers on contemporary electronic music and author of the acclaimed First Floor newsletter; Lauren Sohikian, head of the boutique PR agency Modern Matters; Ivan Novak, alias Ivo Saliger, one of the main creators of iconic band Laibach; and Nikolina Finska, a veteran of the video games industry.

We will take a closer look at the German cultural phenomenon Fusion Festival as well as the Serbian platform and festival Hali Gali, the Slovenian record label Moonlee Records, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and the metal collective Dirty Skunks. The latter three are getting their very own stages at MENT 2024 – discover new exciting music at the Hali Gali, Moonlee and Dirty Skunks stages.

The main novelty for 2024 is CE/MENT, a new segment dedicated to electronic music and club culture. On Friday, 23 February, part of the conference programme will be dedicated exclusively to relevant topics from the world of dance and electronic music. 

We’re also introducing MENToring, a series of one-hour small group sessions, where you will have the opportunity to ask experts from different areas of the music business anything that interests you about a specific topic (music management, booking agents, music promotion, showcase festivals, streaming & digital, European funding). REGISTRATIONS are now open. 

The traditional speed networking sessions are also back, this time with music professionals from Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. REGISTRATIONS are now open.

Presale is on until 20 February.