Slovenia Market Profile

Read EMEEs new guide on the Slovenian music industry to learn how you can export your music effectively.


Slovenia Music Market Profile

Slovenian Market Profile offers a comprehensive overview of the functioning of the Slovenian music sector with descriptions of key players such as collective organizations, record labels, publishers, festivals, venues, managers, promoters and more. It also contains information on legal bases, forms of financing, strategic documents, as well as analysis and presentation of statistical data from research by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SURS), the Center for Research on Public Opinion and Mass Communications (CJM) and EEnlarge Europe on the financing and habits of music users in Slovenia.

The document, intended to present the Slovenian music market to potential users abroad, was prepared by the SIGIC team in cooperation with Slovenian experts working in various areas of the music business.

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All market profiles are created as part of EMEE’s DEMEC project, funded by the European Union.