Listen to Slovenia: Pocket Music Guide


Listen to Slovenia: Pocket Music Guide

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Listen to Slovenia: Pocket Music Guide

In this booklet in English you can find a great deal of interesting and useful information about the best Slovene musicians, individual music scenes and the specifics of musical activities in Slovenia in general. 

Written by recognised Slovene music experts and writers, the texts provide information in a compact and readable way about the music infrastructure in Slovenia and Slovene music of all genres, from classical and jazz to heavy metal and electronic dance music.

In addition to a presentation of musical creativity, this pocket guide to music also offers abundant useful information, the contact details of the most important institutions, concert venues, organisers and producers of musical events, as well as publishers and media, all organised into sections according to the area of activity and musical genre, which gives you quick and easy access to the information you need.

“It is an undeniable fact that Slovenia, despite its proverbially small geographic area and small population, can offer the world a great deal that is interesting and outstanding in the field of music, as its many music scenes are currently experiencing a genuine blossoming. Meanwhile, more and more Slovene musicians are consciously gazing across the national borders to a greater degree and directly participating in international musical currents. This is no doubt the result of the collapse of the former common Yugoslav cultural sphere and market, which has forced Slovene musicians to redefine how they work and communicate with their potential public. A positive result of all of these turbulent events are the lively, varied, sometimes rather elusive but always intriguing musical activities in Slovenia,” writes the editor Viktor Škedelj Renčelj in the foreword of the pocket guide.


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