Slovene pianist Kaja Draksler winner of the EPTA Frans Schreuder Prize 2013

Kaja Draksler won the EPTA Frans Schreuder Prize 2013 for her master thesis on free jazz musician Cecil Taylor.

Peter Baroš

Kaja Draksler has graduated from the Classical Composition Department of the Amsterdam Conservatory with a master's thesis entitled Cecil Taylor: Life as … Structure within free improvisation under the mentorship of Vijay Iyer and Michiel Schuijer.

To discover why Taylor’s free improvisations sounded so coherent, Draksler analyzed his recording of Life as…. The EPTA (European Piano Teachers Association) jury was impressed by her thorough approach and in particular by the effort she made in transcribing a very complex piece of music completely by ear, making it possible for the classically educated reader to gain insight into the structure of the piece with the help of music notation. She was also praised for the innovative quality of her work through which she derived the concept of ‘hand-centered logic’. This study offers new insights into the development of musical structure from small, definable building blocks. Her thesis will give rise to a worthwile article in the Piano Bulletin.