Igor Lumpert & Innertextures: Eleven

Clean Feed, 2018

Maia Juvanc

Eleven features the inspirational musicianship and compositional skill of New York based and internationally renowned jazzman, saxophonist Igor Lumpert.
The new album features Lumpert's own compostions, which flourish fully into rhythmically eruptive performances and represent a regenerative kind of jazz musicinship. The music is full of fresh ideas and bracing complexities, mirroring our world's chaos as well as its juxtapositions of misery and joy. As many music critics state, this record features original thought, "post-bop tensions of the Big Apple", a "funk brilliance" and the most "sophisticated urban-jazz" you could find.
On the album, Lumpert performs together with his colleagues Greg Ward (alto saxophone), Chris Tordini (double bass), Kenny Grohowski (drums), Jonathan Finlayson (trumpet) and John Ellis (bass clarinet).